We built real-time decision capabilities so you don’t have to. Innovation drives customer satisfaction, bottom-line results, and growth. Innovation in risk decisioning requires the ability to grow internal analytics expertise and create real-time orchestration — significant time and capital investments that most companies can’t afford. Enova Decisions recognized this struggle and built advanced, real-time decisioning capabilities to automate and optimize fraud, credit, and collections decisions at scale. The result? You save the time and capital you would have spent:

  1. Hiring and growing internal data and analytics experts
  2. Sourcing, testing, and integrating 3rd-party data
  3. Building and maintaining infrastructure for real-time decisioning

How does Enova Decisions use data and analytics in real-time decisioning?
With over 16 years of online lending experience, we understand how to test and integrate 1st and 3rd party data to create the most cost-effective scorecards for predicting online consumer behavior that is applicable to your fraud, credit, or collections use case. We leverage advanced analytic techniques, including machine learning, to optimize predictive power. This knowledge combined with our superior digital decisoning technology enables you to maximize business agility with minimal technical investment. You can tap into our data sourcing expertise and pre-integrations with best-in-class sources to simplify and optimize digital decisioning. We provide quick and easy access to the data you need without connecting to an infrastructure build and parsing through multiple data sources. We are data- and decision-agnostic so you can scale quickly and exert maximum control over decisioning.

Working with Enova Decisions allows you to accelerate your decision management journey.

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