CHICAGO (May 8, 2019) — Decision management software-as-a-service enables mid-market to apply AI to credit, fraud, and marketing decisions

To give more self-service decision management capabilities to the mid-market, Enova Decisions has introduced Enova Decisions Cloud, decision management software-as-a-service designed to scale with businesses. Enova Decisions Cloud leverages cutting-edge technology from Sparkling Logic and Amazon Web Services and is pre-integrated with many major solution providers, including ID Analytics and iovation, a TransUnion company.

Sean Naismith, Head of Analytics Services, unveiled the Enova Decisions Cloud this afternoon at FinovateSpring.

“Business and data science teams at finance and lending companies are increasingly aware that they need to leverage machine learning, rules and automation to make faster, more actionable decisions based on massive amounts of data,” said Naismith. “At the same time, their engineering teams need solutions that pull the actual decisioning process out of the standard software development life cycle, so business can react and adapt quickly to changes in the industry.”

With Enova Decisions Cloud, businesses can:

  • Access 3rd-party data they need, when they need it, without having to go through endless API data integrations.
  • Upload and deploy machine learning models using any technique written in their language of choice (for example, R or Python).
  • Auto retune and retrain their machine learning models based on decision outcomes.

Enova Decisions Cloud takes the existing technology that Enova Decisions developed to successfully execute decisions for its clients and builds on it to give clients more control.

“In order to manage the complexity of decisioning, it’s important to have an application that can orchestrate the key components of a decision in an intuitive interface,” said Naismith. “Leveraging technologies like Sparkling Logic in our cloud service allows our clients to oversee the fine details of the decision algorithm without feeling overburdened by the complexity of what they’re designing.”

“We are delighted that Enova Decisions chose Sparkling Logic’s business rules and decision management software as a key platform component of the Enova Decisions Cloud,” said Carlos Serrano-Morales, CTO at Sparkling Logic. “Our partnership achieves our shared vision of enabling organizations to continuously improve their decisions in the face of ever-changing market conditions.”

Enova Decisions Cloud is available immediately to businesses across industries in the U.S.

About Enova Decisions
Enova Decisions is an analytics and decision management technology company that was formed in 2016 to enable businesses to automate and optimize operational decisions through data, AI, and the cloud — in real-time and at scale. Enova Decisions is part of Enova International, Inc. (NYSE: ENVA), a Chicago-based multinational financial services provider that has applied predictive and prescriptive analytics to multiple areas, including fraud detection, credit risk management and customer retention, to extend over $20 billion in credit online to over 5 million customers. Enova Decisions leverages the same analytics expertise and decisioning technology that has made Enova International successful to help businesses in multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare and telecommunications, achieve similar outcomes.

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