Operationalize Insights into Action

Orchestrate Data-Driven Decisioning

More data about consumers is available than ever before. However, many businesses are stuck at insights because they lack the expertise, resources, and infrastructure to be able to transform insights into smarter actions. Enova Decisions fills in that knowledge and technology gap so that your business can make smarter, faster risk decisions.

Outcomes Enova Decisions Delivers


Significantly Decrease:

  • Losses from Fraud, Defaults & False Positives
  • Manual Workload/IT Resource Time
  • 3rd-Party Data Costs

Gain the Capability to Rapidly:

  • Modify & Test Rules
  • Deploy Machine Learning Models
  • Optimize Decisions Over Time

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How We Work


Big Data

We source, test, and integrate best-in-class 1st- and 3rd-party data — in a manner that protects PII.


Advanced Analytics

We activate all that data by developing machine learning models to predict consumer behavior and apply business rules to achieve your objectives — while meeting industry compliance.


Modern Decision Engine

We deploy real-time data pulls, models, and business rules onto a single decisioning platform, Enova Decisions Cloud™, to enable real-time decisioning through a simple API call.

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