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Orchestrating data, analytics, and technology to deliver greater value to our clients and theirs.

More data about consumers is available than ever before. However, many businesses are stuck at insights because they lack the expertise, resources, and infrastructure to be able to transform insights into smarter actions. Enova Decisions forms strategic partnerships and alliances to bring together the necessary know-how and technology so that businesses can make smarter, faster risk decisions.

Partnership Highlight

Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD) offers elective healthcare providers the opportunity to offer a financing solution to patients denied by lenders by providing technology, account servicing resources, and the financial infrastructure for providers to put their patients on pay over time plans and earn interest. HFD desired to offer more sophisticated underwriting solutions for their clients but lacked the expertise and resources to be able to test, integrate, and activate multiple 3rd-party data sources. HFD partnered with Enova Decisions to develop and deploy 3 turnkey, HIPAA-compliant underwriting solutions and enable the capability to offer custom underwriting solutions to their clients in a matter of months.

“Our vision is to make it easy for providers to give patients access to treatment. Enova Decisions allows us to give providers the ability to understand their patients propensity to pay using modern data beyond a credit score, so they can offer more financing options in a manner that is sustainable and lowers risk,” said Ron Johnson, CEO, Healthcare Finance Direct.

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