The Financial Brand — November 17, 2020 | Enova Decisions joins Jim Marous in the Banking Transformed Webinar Series to discuss how to create agility in credit decisioning in 2021 and beyond.

The economic disruption from COVID-19 has revealed the need for financial institutions to re-examine back-end operations. Consumer financing and lending institutions are realizing that agility is not inherent in efficiency. In a recent article with The Financial Brand, John Tate, Head of Analytics Solution Design & Delivery at Enova Decisions, discusses why the ability to act and react quickly is the key to survival and how leveraging decision management technology can enable both efficiency and flexibility.

To explore this topic further, this webinar will cover key findings from a recent Consumer Lending & Financing Sentiment Survey, how Enova has been navigating credit decisioning with its consumer lending brands since the pandemic, and key considerations when evaluating what data sources, processes, and technologies to build or buy in 2021.

This event has past but you can request to view the recording here.

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