Webinar Recording | Application Fraud Defender

Identity fraud is becoming more sophisticated, making it difficult for businesses to know which step to take next. Existing solutions tend to create more manual work and friction in the customer journey, leading to a process that is not scalable and delivers a poor customer experience. In this webinar, we introduce Application Fraud Defender, our solution accelerator that verifies identity and detects fraud in real-time behind the scenes when a customer submits an application or creates a new account. Drawing from our over 16+ years of experience in successfully detecting and preventing identity fraud in online consumer lending, Application Fraud Defender is designed to be operationally efficient, scalable, adaptable to market changes.

Key Topics:
-Assessing fraud risk for thin/no file applicants
-Differentiating between a victim of identity fraud and a fraudster
-Optimal use of 1st and 3rd-party data
-What to automate and what not to
-Transparency in decision-making

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