Webinar Recording | BNPL Solution Accelerator

Consumers want more flexible financing options yet many businesses struggle to know which step to take next in order to capitalize on this demand. Existing solutions are often costly and lead to a process that is not scalable. In this virtual event, Jihae Hwang, Head of Analytics, Solution Design & Delivery at Enova Decisions introduces BNPL Solution Accelerator, our decision flow template that guides consumer finance companies, merchants, and service providers offering or considering to offer Buy Now, Pay Later or point-of-sale financing down the smart path towards FCRA-compliant full-spectrum financing. Drawing from our over 16+ years of experience in successfully underwriting non-prime consumers in online consumer lending, our BNPL Solution Accelerator is designed to quickly augment existing decisioning processes and continuously improve performance over time.

Key Topics:
– Optimal use of 1st and 3rd-party data with minimal PII
– Assessing risk for thin/no file applicants while maintaining     
– Pricing offers based on risk tolerance
– Transparency in decision-making

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